Graze Restaurant Hosts “FoodShare at DCFM” Benefit Dinner

Graze Restaurant Graze Restaurant and Rush River Brewing Company partnered to host a Beer Dinner on Sunday, June 22. About 80 people attended this $50 per person dinner and proceeds from the meal will benefit the FoodShare Program at the Dane County Farmers’ Market. Thank you, Graze staff, for working to help sustain programming that promotes local foods access and affordable, fresh options!

Spring Opening Dates

The snow mounds are receding, green feels less like a myth, and the outdoor seasons for Madison area farmers’ markets will soon begin. Check out the opening dates for local markets that will accept EBT in their 2014 seasons! Visit the Markets With EBT page or the links below for more information about each market and their locations.


Saturday, April 19th: Dane County Farmers’ Market, Capitol Square, 7am-1pm

Saturday, April 19th: Westside Community Market, 7am-1pm

Wednesday, April 23rd: Dane County Farmers’ Market, Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd, 8:30am-2pm

Tuesday, April 26th: Eastside Farmers’ Market, 4pm-7pm

Sunday, May 4th: Monona Farmers’ Market, 9am-1pm

Sunday, May 4th: Northside Farmers’ Market, 8:30am-12:30pm

Sunday, May 18th: South Madison Farmers’ Markets, Labor Temple, 11am-3pm

Tuesday, June 3rd: South Madison Farmers’ Markets, Labor Temple, 2pm-6pm

Monday, June 9th: South Madison Farmers’ Markets, Rimrock Rd., 2pm-6pm

Wednesday, June 11th: South Madison Farmers’ Markets, Gilbert Rd., 3pm-7pm

Friday, June 20th: South Madison Farmers’ Markets, Villager Mall, 2pm-6pm

New Recipe Links Page

Hey Everyone!

Farm Fresh for All is back in business, working to connect FoodShare/SNAP recipients with fresh, affordable food options through area farmers’ markets. We are in the process of updating the site with new markets, resources, and news, and just added a new Recipe Links page. This will guide you to other websites with recipes that utilize fresh fruits and vegetables, are available at local farmers’ markets, talk about seasonality and storage, and everything delicious! If you have additional favorite resources you would like to contribute, or you see options that are missing from the links provided, please feel free to leave suggestions in the “comments” section on the page, or email us your feedback to Thank you for your support and patience as we update and spread the word!