2017 Schedule and Updates



Photo credit: Gemma Billings

At long last, the 2017 farmers’ market season is here! A lot has changed, but you can always count on Farm Fresh for All to find out where you can use your SNAP/EBT benefits at Madison-area farmers’ markets! In case you didn’t catch it: El Mercadito de Centro, the Eastside Farmers’ Market, and the Westside Farmers’ Market have all moved to new locations. This year we also welcome a new market to the area– the Elver Park Farmers’ Market on Madison’s west side. Make sure to turn up and show this new market your support! Finally, we have news that the Double Dollars program, which matches your EBT benefits up to $25 at market, will begin on June 3rd. Stay tuned for more information about which markets are participating in this year’s Double Dollars program.

2016 Updates and Double Dollars Info!

Fresh Strawberries from the South Madison Farmers Market!

Fresh Strawberries from the South Madison Farmers Market!

Thanks for your patience, community! The Markets with EBT page has finally been updated to reflect the 2016 market season. Joining the list of area markets offering SNAP/EBT is the DeForest Area Farmers’ Market. Welcome DeFo! Thanks so much for extending access and affordability in your community. Also, the 2016 Double Dollars incentive program is underway with more participating markets than ever, including the downtown Dane County Farmers’ Market! The list has grown so much that Double Dollars has been given its own page on the site– keep on growing, Double Dollars!

Get out there, eat well, support your local farmers, and stretch your benefits!

Double Dollars Program Ends Early– Saturday Nov. 7

That’s right folks– due to the overwhelming interest and participation in the program this year, funds for the 2015 Double Dollars Incentive Program have run dry. Nahrissa Rush, coordinator of the program for the Community Action Coalition, writes:

“…due to the unanticipated success of the Double Dollars program this year, funding has been exhausted and the program can no longer continue for the remainder of 2015 as planned. The program will end on Saturday November 7th, with this date being the last day that customers can receive the Double Dollars.

However, remaining Double Dollars can still be spent at the participating markets and customers are encouraged to spend their existing Double Dollars as soon as possible. Though we are doing our best to communicate this with users of the program before the end date, there will be many who may not see this information ahead of time.

This was not an easy decision to make and we know that ending the program early with short notice causes difficulty for those that rely on the Double Dollars to purchase food at the market. Unfortunately it was not anticipated that we would see such high participation and redemptions this year and with no funding remaining, CAC can no longer operate the program as planned.

If there any other changes to the state of the program this year, we will do our best to keep the community posted. Please share this information with anyone who may be affected or who is interested in the program.

This is a difficult situation as any to be in, and we appreciate your understanding. Please do not hesitate to contact me with any questions or concerns. Additionally, comments can be forwarded to my supervisor, Wayne Morris. He can be reached by e-mail to waynem@cacscw.org or by phone at 608-246-4730 ext. 206.”

Nahrissa can also be contacted at 608-246-4730 ext. 208 or by email at nahrissar@cacscw.org. Please help to spread the word! Markets that participated in the 2015 Double Dollars Program included the following: El Mercadito de Centro at Centro Hispano, Eastside Farmers’ Market, Monona Farmers’ Market, Northside Farmers’ Market, and Westside Community Market. Some of these markets have closed for the season, others have moved indoors. Check with the individual market for the most up-to-date schedule if you are looking to get out and spend remaining Double Dollars.

Double Dollars 2015 Kicks Off Sunday!

double dollars 2015


The Double Dollars Program is back, earlier than ever! First Monona and Northside Farmers’ Markets on Sunday July 5, Eastside Farmers’ Market on Tuesday July 7, and Westside Community Market on Saturday July 11! Match your Foodshare/EBT withdrawals up to $25 per day when you shop at these participating farmers’ markets:

Tuesdays: 4-7pm
Apr. 21-Oct. 13, 2015
953 Jenifer St., Wil-Mar Community Center parking lot
EBT redeemed inside Wil-Mar Center at Front Desk
Tuesday Indoor Markets:
4-7pm: mid-Oct.- Dec. 15, 2015
Wil-Mar Community Center
Eastside Farmers’ Market
Market Manager: 608.257.4576

May 4-Oct. 26, 2014
Ahuska Park (East Broadway between Monona Dr. and Stoughton Rd.)
EBT available at central Information Booth
Monona Farmers’ Market
Market Manager: 608.960.3788

Sundays:  8:30am-12:30pm
May 3-Oct. 18, 2015
2817 N. Sherman Ave., parking lot in front of Pierce’s Northside Market
EBT Available at central Information Tent
Sunday Winter Markets:
Every Sunday Nov.- Dec. 10:00am-1:00pm
Every Other Sunday Jan.- Apr. 10:00am-1:00pm
Northside Farmers’ Market
Market Manager: 608.695.0946 or 920.915.2706

Apr. 18-Nov. 7, 2015
(no Wednesday market)
Hill Farms DoT parking lot, corner of Segoe Road and Sheboygan Avenue
Westside Community Market
Market Manager: 608.628.8879

EBT and Double Dollars vouchers can be used to purchase all SNAP-eligible foods (fresh produce, bakery, meat/eggs, dairy, edible plants, and more!) For details and updates, visit the Double Dollars page of the City of Madison’s website or contact Nahrissa Rush at the Community Action Coalition: nahrissar@cacscw.org or (608) 246-4730 ext. 208.

“Markets With EBT” Finally Updated for 2015!

Despite a sluggish spring, the Markets With EBT page of Farm Fresh for All has finally been updated! Look to this page for up-to-date schedules, locations, and contact information for farmers’ markets throughout the Isthmus area that accept SNAP/EBT/FoodShare benefits. Shoppers can use these benefits to purchase any edible products at the market, and even edible or food producing plants and seeds! A few of these markets will participate in the Double Dollars Program again this year– stay tuned for more info!

Double Dollars Continues at Two Indoor Markets

promoDoubleyourdollarsWith funding still remaining for the MadMarket Double Dollars Incentive Program, the dollar-for-dollar match to EBT withdrawals will continue indoors for two winter markets. The Westside Community Market still has two outdoor markets before concluding their season, Saturdays November 1st & 8th from 7am-1pm. However, the $25 match will move indoors with both the Northside and Eastside Farmers’ Markets.

Northside Farmers’ Market: Sundays November 2 –December 14th from 10am – 1pm, Northside Town Center at Sherman and Northport.

Eastside Farmers’ Market: Tuesdays November 4 – December 16th from 4-7pm, inside the Wil-Mar Neighborhood Center at 953 Jenifer St.

With questions about the program, please contact Nahrissa Rush, Food Security Specialist (Farmers’ Markets) with the Community Action Coalition for South Central Wisconsin, Inc.
at nahrissar@cacscw.org or 608.246.4730 ext. 208.  Take advantage of the Double Dollars extension to stock up on your winter storage veggies and late-season apples, you’ll thank yourself later!

Brittingham Market Season Ends, Westside Community Market Adds Double Dollars

Autumnal greetings! Summer has flown by, and hopefully everyone has had a chance to reap the bounty of Madison-area farmers’ markets. Fall marks a big change in produce availability, so if hard-rind winter squashes and apples are your thing then your season has arrived.

double dollars bus

Photo: Nahrissa Rush

We are also seeing some changes for the MadMarket Double Dollars program, the City of Madison initiative that provides a dollar-for-dollar match to EBT withdrawals of up to $25 at several Madison farmers’ markets. The charming Brittingham Park Farmers’ Market ended its first season on September 23rd, we all hope to see them back in business come spring. Given their closure, the Westside Community Market on Saturday mornings has been authorized to offer Double Dollars incentives. Hopefully this addition will facilitate a greater geographical impact and improve accessibility for even more of Madison residents shopping with FoodShare benefits.

MadMarket Double Dollars are now available at:

Eastside Farmers’ Market, Tuesdays 4-7pm:
953 Jenifer St., Wil-Mar Community Center parking lot, Apr. 29-Oct. 7, 2014, (EBT available until 6:30 pm inside Wil-Mar Center)
Northside Farmers’ Market, Sundays 8:30am-12:30pm:
2817 N. Sherman Ave., parking lot in front of Pierce’s Northside Market, May 4-Oct. 26, 2014,  www.northsidefarmersmarket.org
Westside Community Market, Saturdays 7am-1pm:
Hill Farms DoT parking lot, corner of Segoe Rd. and Sheboygan Ave., Apr. 19-Oct. 25

In case you need reminders about which farmers’ markets are participating in the Double Dollars program, keep your eyes peeled for these incredible new bus advertisements that are helping to spread the word! But hurry; though several market seasons extend further into the fall, Double Dollars are only available through October.

Find out which other farmers’ markets accept EBT benefits on our Markets with EBT page.


MadMarket Double Dollars Incentive Program Launches Sunday, $25 Match for EBT

promoDoubleyourdollarsThe City of Madison and Community Action Coalition will launch their second season of the MadMarket Double Dollars incentive program this Sunday, August 17, 2014, at the Northside Farmers’ Market on Northport Dr. Customers will receive a dollar-for-dollar match to their EBT withdrawals up to $25 per market day. The distinctive Double Dollar vouchers are in $1 increments and can be spent on any SNAP eligible items, including fresh produce, meats and cheeses, bakery, food-producing plants, and more.

The Eastside Farmers’ Market on Jenifer St. and new Brittingham Park Farmers’ Market on West Washington Ave. will also participate in this program for 2014, both markets kicking off on Tuesday, August 19. The Northside Farmers’ Market will host a press conference this Sunday to celebrate the launch of the program season.

Last year, when Double Dollars piloted with the Northside, Eastside, and South Madison farmers’ markets, customers received a $30 match. The incentives were funded by partners in the healthcare industry including Group Health Cooperative of South Central Wisconsin, Meriter Hospital, Dean/St. Mary’s, and UW Health to provide a total of $8000 of incentives. This year, funding partners have expanded to include Cuna Mutual Foundation, Graze Restaurant, and Heartland Credit Union to provide $15,000 in bonus dollars. The bigger pot of funds and slightly smaller incentive bonus should help the Double Dollars go further and avoid the risk of running out of funds before the official end of the program.

A customer who received Double Dollars at the Northside Farmers’ Market last year told me what help this was to her family, that normally they couldn’t afford to buy meat because they only wanted to feed their children meat that was raised without hormones or antibiotics and grazed in a sustainable way. This program gave them that opportunity.

The MadMarket Double Dollars program will run through September 23 at Brittingham Farmers’ Market, October 7 at Eastside Farmers’ Market, and October 19 at Northside Farmers’ Market. Double Dollar vouchers expire at the end of October but can be used at any participating market for the duration of the program.

Help spread the word and visit these Double Dollar markets to take advantage of this amazing opportunity!