About Us

Welcome to Farm Fresh For All!

Farm Fresh for All is an all-volunteer effort to get information out about EBT (SNAP/FoodShare, formerly food stamps) access at local farmers’ markets. Whether it’s making sure that customers know where and when EBT accessible markets happen or helping to connect farmers’ markets with the resources they need to accept EBT, we hope to offer information that is accurate and helpful!

Our Vision…

is an equitable Madison-area food system in which all community members have access to local, fresh, healthy, affordable, and culturally appropriate food, outside emergency food sources (1), where sustainability, community self-reliance, and social justice are institutionalized.  


Using EBT benefits to receive ‘market money’

Our Mission:

Reduce barriers to FoodShare participant use of EBT at farmers’ markets, and thereby make delicious and nutritious food grown by local farmers an affordable and accessible option to all members of our community

Partner with farmers’ markets to sustain current efforts and to provide technical assistance to expand EBT access at future markets

Increase business at markets through outreach and education, benefiting both customers and local family farmers by expanding their customer base and strengthening ties within and between communities

Contact us at farmfreshforallwi@gmail.com

(1) Institute for Agriculture Trade Policy “Draft Food Justice Principles” IATP.org