“Good and Cheap” Cookbook Funding Goes Viral

good-and-cheapStudent author Leanne Brown wrote the “Good and Cheap: Eat Well on $4 a Day” cookbook to highlight the opportunities to eat delicious meals on a budget, specifically geared towards those receiving and living off of their SNAP benefits. The working-copy of the PDF has been available online for a while now, it was added to our “Recipe Links” section here at Farm Fresh for All back in early May. Since then, Leanne has launched a Kickstarter campaign to also make the book available in print, and her campaign has exploded!

I made my “get one, give one” donation on June 9th when about $15,000 had already been donated. Today, her campaign has raised over $85,000! Her effort to make as many copies of “Good and Cheap” available for free and at low cost to organizations has been astounding, and she keeps upping the ante as more people make donations. Currently, she is making 14,000 copies available to non-profits at $4 a piece and will print 3,800 to be donated to organizations to distribute for free to folks who could use this resource (organizations can apply here).

The more people who continue to donate, the more copies she will be able to make available to individuals and organizations. If you haven’t taken a look yet, please visit the Kickstarter page to download the PDF,  check out the updates, and consider a donation to spread the delicious love. Leanne, many thanks for your efforts and generosity!

Oh yeah, wondering if the book is worth the hype? I have tested out a few of the recipes and generally found them delicious (though I would recommend adding some canned or fresh tomatoes to your cooking liquid for the dal for bonus depth and acidity). Take a look at the PDF and try a few before you decide!

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